Affiliate Policy / Join in policy


1,Interested in auto-glass ARG services,and possessing a strong desire of entrepreneurship and confidence in success.


2,Recognizing “Fuyao”franchised chain-store operation mode and join-in management policy.


3,Having rich connections and good social reputation in franchised area.


4,Franchisees shall have their own free-standing stores with property certificate or lease contract,located in the area of downtown,shopping mall or senior communities where a good parking condition and advertising effect are available.


5,The decoration and display of franchised stores should be managed in compliance with drawings and schemes from Fuyao headquarters. It shall reach the first-class standard among the same industry in the area.


6,Personnel allocation:store manager,cashier and shop assistant as well as other people should be trained with auto-glass business mode.


7,Financial strength:the owners shall have a certain financial strength for store rent,decoration,first batch of purchase,early-staged market launch,advertising and necessary working capital.


8,Business license,tax registration certificate and other relevant documents should be available before opening.
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