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Fuyao won the Belron Most Valued Supplier Award for 2016

On October 7th, 2016 at the completion ceremony of Fuyao Glass America Inc., Gary Lubner, CEO of Belron International Ltd., the world’s largest vehicle glass repair and replacement company, extended his congratulations to Cho Tak Wong, Chairman of Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co., Ltd.. He then took the opportunity to announce that Fuyao Group had won the 2016 Most Valuable Partner Award from Belron.

It is reported that Belron will award suppliers worldwide each year and that the highest honor is the “Most Valuable Partner Award,” which showcases Belron’s all-round accreditation for suppliers’ quality, availability and cost. According to Lubner, in the previous year the quality of Fuyao’s products “has been outstanding with no issues at all”; and across 5 years, “there has been an incredible supply consistency, averaging more than 98% - almost a full 10% higher than the average for [Belron’s] suppliers.” Proud of Fuyao’s elaborate operation and the bilateral relation with the existing sound atmosphere, he is confident and looking forward to the construction of Fuyao Group’s factories in Dayton, Ohio in America.

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