Fuyao Worldwide
Provide support services for the global OEM Bentley, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, General Motors, Toyota, Volkswagen, Ford, Chrysler, Nissan, Honda, Hyundai, Fiat, Volvo, Land Rover and other world famous brands, as well as the Chinese automobile manufacturers. In China, every three cars in the use of Fuyao two products accounted for 20 percent of global market share.
Members fo Fuyao Group
Fuyao States sales outlets
Fuyao Glass Sales Points in Various Countries
Auto Glass Overseas Subsidiaries Float Glass Others
  • Tianjin Hongde Auto Glass CO., LTD.

    Address:Zhangjiawo town, Xiqing District, Tianjin city

  • Zhengzhou Fuyao Glass Co., Ltd.

    Address:Wende Road,Jindai Industrial Park,Guancheng District,Zhengzhou,450048,Henan,P. R. China

    Founded in Zhengzhou Henan in April 2011,it provides OEM service to Yutong,Zhengzhou Nissan,Haima,GM Yantai and other auto-makers,at the same time it is also a production base for ARG markets.
  • Fujian Wanda Automotive Glass Industry Co., Ltd.

    Address:Fuyao Industrial Zone Fuqing City, Fujian Province Ⅰ District

    Incorporated in July 1994, the manufacture and sale of automotive safety glass core, the main export support clients including British BMW, Land Rover, VOLVO, Russia, Volkswagen, Hyundai, GM North America, North America, Chrysler, Australia HOLDEN, Webasto, FRITZ, etc. foreign auto manufacturers. The production base is also a major production base of Fuyao export parts for North America, Australia, Southeast Asia, Europe and other markets.
  • Fuyao (Hubei) Co., Ltd.

    Address:Jiaotong Avenue,Hi-Tech Industry Development Zone,Jingmen,448124,Hubei,P. R. China

    Founded in Jingmen Hubei in November 2007,it mainly provides OEM service to major auto-makers in Central China for Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen,Dongfeng Nissan,Dongfen Honda,Anhui Chery,Anhui JAC and so on.
  • Guangzhou Fuyao Glass Co., Ltd.

    Address:Lixin Road,Xintang Town,Zengcheng District,Guangzhou,511340,Guangdong,P. R. China

    Founded in Guangzhou in June 2006,its main business is to manufacture and sell auto-glasses. It provides OEM services to GAC-Honda,GAC-Toyota,Nissan,GAC,Haima,BYD Shenzhen,Hyundai North America,Chrysler and other major auto-makers in South China and overseas market.
  • Chongqing Wansheng Fuyao Glass Co., Ltd.

    Address:No. 21 Qingxi Village,Donglin,Wansheng district,400802,Chongqing,P. R. China

    Founded in Chongqing in July 2002,its main business is to manufacture and sell auto glass, and to serve South-West market.
  • Fuyao Glass (Chongqing) Co., Ltd.

    Address:No. 1 Cuining Road,Jingkai Park,Chongqing New North Zone,401122,Chongqing,P. R. China

    Founded in Chongqing in April 2004,it provides OEM services for Chang'an,Chang'an Ford,Chang'an Suzuki,Qingling Motor,Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor,Sichuan FAW Toyota,SGMW,Lifan Motor and others Soutn-West market.
  • Fuyao Group (Shanghai) Automotive Glass Co., Ltd.

    Address:No. 588 Yuanfu Road,Anting Town,Jiading District,201814,Shanghai,P. R. China

    Founded in Shanghai Jiading Automotive Industrial Park in April 2002,its main business is to manufacture and sell auto-glass, and to serve Yangtze River Delta and overseas market.The major clients are SAIC-GM,Shanghai VW,SAIC Motor,Yueda KIA in China and GM USA,GM Europe,GM South Korea,GM North America,VW Germany,VW South Africa,Hyundai South Korea,Land Rover UK,FIAT Italy,OPEL Germany,Ford Europe overseas.
  • Shanghai Fuyao Bus Glass Co., Ltd.

    Address:No. 588 Yuanfu Road,Anting Town,Jiading District,201814,Shanghai,P. R. China

    Founded in Shanghai Jiading Automotive Industrial Park in March 2007,its operation mainly covers domestic and international OEM and ARG market. It not only supply quality bus glass for Daewoo South Korea、Suzhou King Long、Shanghai Sunlong and other major buses and construction machinery vehicles makers, but also has the most advanced team in China to design and develop sunroof assembly for Inteva,Webasto Germany,Inalfa Holland and other mainstream roof system makers both in China and abroad.
  • Fuyao Group Beijing Fu Tong Safety Glass Co., Ltd.

    Address:No. 88 East of Huangmuchang Village,Zhangjiawan Town,Tongzhou District,101113,Beijing,P. R. China

    Founded in Tongzhou District of Beijing in April 2003,it produces automotive safety glass for OEMs in North China with clients like Beijing Benz,Beijing HYUNDAI,Beijing Jeep,Foton,Tianjin FAW Toyota,Tianjin Xiali,Baoding Great Wall,ZXAUTO,Zhengzhou Nissan,Zhengzhou Yutong,etc.

    Address:No. 6 Xuan Tong three road, Da Dong District ,Shenyang City, Liaoning Province

  • Fuyao Group Changchun Co., Ltd.

    Address:No. 4499 Pudong Road,Changchun Economic & Technological Development Zone,130033,Jilin,P. R. China

    Founded in Changchun in September 2000,its main business is to manufacture and sell auto-glass and has a business presence in Northeast China and overseas market. Its customers are FAW-VW,FAW Car,FAW Jiefang, HAFEI Motor,Jinbei Huachen and a dozen of other auto-makers in China,Bentley Motors,BMS,AUDI Germany,VW Germany and other famous auto-makers overseas.
  • Fuyao Hongkong Co., Ltd.

    Address:Room 1907#,Shun Tak Centre(West Tower),Connaught Road Center 200,999077,Hongkong,P. R. China

    Fuyao Group (Hongkong)was founded in 2010,its main business is to sell and to purchase glass and related parts.
  • Fuyao Automotive North America Inc


    Founded in November 2010,it mainly provides Fuyao glass and efficient customer services to GM,Chrysler,Hyundai,KIA and other auto-makers.
  • Fuyao Glass America Inc.


    Founded in March 2014,its schedule is to complete construction and start production on March 2016. The annual output is 3 million sets of auto-glass,and will be provided products mainly to GM,Chrysler and other auto-makerss in USA.
  • Fuyao Glass(Illinois)Inc.


    Acquired in July 2014 and formerly known as PPG Mt. Zion factory,it will be upgraded and reconstruct two float glass lines. With annual output of 0.3 million tons,it will be supplying Fuyao America raw auto-glass.
  • Fuyao Glass Rus Co.,Ltd.

    Address:No. 99 ул. Грабцевское Highway,Kaluga,248009,Kaluga State,Russia

    Founded in Kaluga Russia in June 2011,its first-stage project was completed and put into production on September 2013. The main business is to provide auto-glass products to Russian market.
  • Fuyao Europe GmbH Co.,Ltd.

    Address:No. 33 Pfaffen Street,74078,Heilbronn,Germany

    Founded in Heilbronn Germany in 2006,its main business is to provide auto-glass accessory installation and logistics services to AUDI,VW,Benz,Porsche,etc.
  • Fuyao Japan Co.,Ltd

    Address:Room 707# ITO-PIA,1-5-11 Ikebukuro,Toshima District,Tokyo,Japan

    Founded in Japan in 2008,its main business is to sell auto-glass products.
  • Fuyao Group Korea Co., Ltd.

    Address:2nd Floor Kukje Warehouse,69-8,No. 3 Shinheung Street,Central District,In-cheon,South Korea

    Founded in In-cheon South Korea in 2007,its main business is to manufacture,wholesale,import and export auto-glasses.
  • Fuyao Group Tongliao Co.,Ltd.

    Address:Fuantun,Liaohe Town,Tongliao,028036,Inner Mongolia,P. R. China

    Founded in Tongliao Inner Mongolia in October 2003 and having undergone a thorough upgrading and reconstruction at the end of 2014,it has now two float glass production lines that produce specialty and quality autoglass with 600 tons and 450 tons of daily output respectively. It serves as the production base for Fuyao in Beijing,Changchun,Shenyang and Russia.
  • Fuyao (Fuqing) Float Glass Production Base

    Address:Fuyao Industrial Area Ⅱ,Fuqing,350301,Fujian,P. R. China

    Built in 2002 and put into production at the end of 2004,it is equipped with two float glass production lines with 600 tons and 450 tons of daily output respectively. Its strategic supply of quality raw glass and material for Fuyao Group realizes the vertical integration of industrial chains.
  • Fuyao (Wansheng) Float Glass Co.,Ltd.

    Address:Chongqing Wansheng Industrial Development Zone - Jianshe Group

    Acquired by Fuayo in July 2010,its main business is to manufacture and sell quality float glass. There are two float glass production lines that produce specialty and quality auto-glass,one of which with a daily output of 450 tons,and the other of 600 tons. Therefore,supply of raw glasses for Chongqing and Hubei areas can be solved directly right on the spot.
  • Fuyao (Fujian) Glass Encapsulation Co.,Ltd

    Address:Fuyao Industrial Area Ⅱ,Fuqing,350301,Fujian,P. R. China

    Founded in Fuqing in August 2006,its main business is to manufacture glass assembly,plastic and rubber products.
  • Address:Fuyao Industrial Area Ⅱ,Fuqing,350301,Fujian,P. R. China

    Fuyao R&D institute was found in Fuqing Fujian 2006,it is a state-certified enterprise technology center that fullfills the development requirements for Fuyao glass products.
  • Fuyao Group (Fujian) Machinery Fabrication Co.,Ltd

    Address:Fuyao Industrial Area Ⅱ,Fuqing,350301,Fujian,P. R. China

    Machinery Manufacturing Company is a subsidiary providing R&D,manufacture and services for auto-glass production equipments internally. It combines practical production experience with development tendency of manufacturing techniques to develop various equipments,through which it lays a solid foundation for equipment reformation、technology innovation and maintaining top level in the world.
  • Hainan Wenchang Fuyao Silica sand Co.,Ltd

    Address:Quanmei Village,Longlou Town,Wenchang,Hainan,P. R. China

    Founded in Wenchang Hainan in July 2003 and acquired in 2006,亚虎娱乐,信誉保障的娱乐平台:it is a silica sand supply base for the Group specializing in the R&D、production and operation on quartz silica raw materials.
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