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High quality automotive glass spoke Vanguard, high-quality float glass to provide a stable supply of raw materials, leading R & D institutions and mechanical mold support, coupled with improved product lines and huge production capacity, constitute Fuyao industrial matrix and core competitiveness.
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    Automotive glass

    As Fuyao Group's main business, modern automotive glass production base located in Fujian, Shanghai, Jilin, Beijing, Guangdong, Chongqing, Hubei, Henan and other provinces, through things, linking the north and south vertical; the company is also Russia, Germany, the United States established automotive glass production line and edging, accessory installation process, providing accurate for the world's major automobile manufacturers, efficient and comprehensive services.

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    Quality float glass

    As a raw material for automotive glass, float glass Fuyao occupy an important position in the production chain, located in Fujian, Chongqing, Inner Mongolia, Jilin, north, central and southern four float glass manufacturing company, providing stability to fully meet the automotive glass glass business protection.

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    Research and Development Institute

    Located in Fujian, Shanghai, Germany, the United States, the world's four major R & D center, a high level of research and development efforts to meet the development needs of the world's top automotive OEMs. Among them, the core institutions Fuyao Glass Engineering Research Institute State Enterprise Technology Center. And Fuyao also has Postdoctoral and state-certified testing laboratory.

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    Tooling Center

    Protect the company's automotive glass synchronized collaborative design and development capabilities, to provide a high degree of support for the automotive glass industry.

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    Providing professional services for auto-glass repair and replacement in all cities and main counties,we have over 800 franchised stores collaborating with insurance and automotive service companies to provide you with customer-made installation、loss assessment , claim settlement and so on.

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    Provide professional auto glass repair and replacement services to cover all prefecture-level cities and county-level major cities, more than 800 stores, insurance companies and auto repair business butt, provide special installation or agency designated

    Aiming at glass assembly and tighter integration between glass and car body,we can improve the efficiency of automotive assembly lines by shortening the assembly cycle and adding additional features like:glass strength,impermeability, noise reduction,etc.

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    Machinery manufacturing

    Combining practical production experience with development tendency of manufacturing techniques,尊宝娱乐网址_尊宝娱乐APP_尊宝娱乐:we are laying a solid foundation for equipment reformation、technology innovation and maintaining top level in the world.

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    High-grade Silica sand

    High-grade silica sands guarantee the quality of products from the very beginning.

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